Thank you for your reserving a table at The Old Dairy! 
We will contact you if you have asked us a question 
Thank you for your reserving a table at The Old Dairy! 
We will contact you if you have asked us a question  
Our menu has a good choice of starters and main courses to suit most tastes plus a selection of homemade desserts. 
The majority of the menu is created and cooked at Kirkby House ensuring you have that authentic home cooked taste. 
You can see a sample of our menus below 


Traditional slow-roast beef, tender English Pork, turkey crown or Welsh lamb. 
Sunday Lunch is complemented with rosemary roast potatoes, 
hand raised Yorkshire and seasonal vegetables. 
One course £11.95 
Two courses £15.95 
Three courses £19.95 

The Old dairy Menu 2018 


Artisan Bread and Olives (£2.50) per person 
Artisan Bread with Virgin Olive oil Mediterranean olives and Balsamic dip 
Chef’s soup of the day (£4.95) 
Always fresh always homemade served with crusty bread and dairy butter (please ask for today’s choice) 
Pate (£5.95) 
Smooth Duck and Orange pate complimented with caramelized red onion, fresh artisan bread, dairy butter and salad garnish 
Italian Antipasto (£9.95) 
Prosciutto Crudo, Spainata Romana, Salami Milano, Greek olives served with slices of stone baked baguette, dairy butter and a garnish of fresh leaves 
Stilton Mushrooms (£6.95) 
Sauté closed cup mushrooms finished in a fresh creamy garlic Stilton sauce with slices of stone baked baguette, dairy butter and a garnish of fresh leaves 
Mexican style Nachos (£4.95) 
tortilla chips smothered with guacamole, salsa, jalapenos and grated mature cheddar served in its own unique griddle pan. 
Crayfish Platter (£7.95) 
Freshwater Crayfish tails and mixed leaves dressed with an ocean sauce served with slices of baguette and dairy butter 
Garlic Bread (£4.95) with cheese (optional) 
Fresh stone baked baguette, rubbed with garlic and oregano butter 
Oven Baked Bruschetta (£5.95) 
Mediterranean sauce, sundried tomato and onion on toasted bread infused with garlic, then baked in the oven with a dusting of herbs for extra flavour 
Sharing Platters for 2 (£7.95) choice of either: 
Indian Platter 
Onion Bhajis(GF), Vegetable Pakora(GF), Vegetable Samosas 
Oriental Platter 
Sweet and Sour money bags, Vegetable spring rolls, Prawn Wontons 
Served with Dips, Prawn Crackers and salad garnish 


Salmon & Prawn Mornay (£13.95) 
Filleted Scottish Salmon Steak and fresh water crayfish topped with parsley sauce, dusted with Lockerbie mature cheddar and finished in the oven 
Pan Seared Seabass (£15.95) 
A large prime fillet of Seabass seared in a covered pan to preserve the texture, the flavour of the fish speaks for itself so we add only a little lemon butter, we recommend rice or sauté potato with this dish 
Millionaires Fish Pie £12.95 
Whole pieces of salmon, Cod and Smoked Haddock in a rich Bechmel sauce with a hint of nutmeg topped with creamed potato and matured cheddar cheese baked in the oven till golden brown 
Classic Scampi (£10.95) 
Whitby breaded wholetail scampi deep fried accompanied by a salad garnish and tartare sauce 
Mexican Fajitas (£12.95) 
Strips of chicken breast with peppers pan fried in fajitas spices, served in a hot griddle pan served with Tortilla wraps salsa guacamole grated cheese and sour cream 
Chicken Royale (£13.95) 
Supreme of Chicken Brest seasoned and pan seared finished with Sauté Mushrooms in Poitiers sauce, flambé cream and white wine with a hint of garlic, we recommend rice or Sauté potato with this dish 
Tennessee Smokey Bourbon chicken (£11.95) 
Tender pieces of chicken breast sautéed with peppers and onion finished with a smokey bourbon barbeque sauce. 
Linguine £ 11.95 (V) 
Italian Durum Wheat pasta tossed in a Mediterranean sauce with mushroom, onions and peppers dusted with grated parmesan 
Linguine Carne (£ 12.95) 
Italian Durum Wheat pasta tossed in a Mediterranean sauce with Smokey bacon and Pepperoni mushroom, onions and peppers dusted with grated parmesan 
Frank’s Beef Chunky Cheese Lasagna (£10.95) 
Lasagna pasta sheets, covered in seasoned minced beef and a tomato puree topped with béchamel infused with oregano, smothered with Lockerbie cheddar, finished with a Mediterranean sauce. 
Roasted Sweet Peppers (V) £ 10.95 
A duo of Sweet Bell peppers stuffed with savoury rice mushrooms and onion topped with grated cheese and roasted in the oven accompanied by a pesto sauce 

Kirkby House Burgers (£10.95) 

Burgers are served on a fresh Brioche Bun with sweet potato fries onion rings mushrooms coleslaw crispy leaf’s 
And your choice of sauce, we offer; 
Tomato, Mayonnaise, Jerk (medium), Chimmi Churra (medium) , Buffalo (hot) , Sriracha (very hot) 
8oz Kirkby House Burger 
Premium Gourmet Burger with cheese and our own tomato house relish 
8oz Alabama BBQ Burger 
A season burger smothered in Bourbon BBQ sauce 
8oz Kirkby House Cajun Chicken Burger 
Chicken Brest rubbed in Cajun spices topped with smoked back bacon and melted cheese 
6oz Applewood smoke house Burger 
Cured in a genuine smoke house using apple wood 
Bangkok Bad Boy Burger (Vegan) 
A Thai-influenced burger with fresh lemongrass and lime leaf, mixed vegetables, coriander and chilli. Coated in a black onion, sesame and cumin seed crumb containing crunchy red lentils. 

Steaks, Pies and Ham 

Chefs Hand Cut Steaks Prime 28-day mature dry aged Beef 
8oz-10oz Fillet (£21.95) 
10oz Sirloin (£16.95) 
Cut 16oz Rump (£15.95) 
All steaks cooked to your liking served with onion rings and closed cup mushrooms. 
Medallions Of Fillet (£21.95) 
Tender beef fillet sliced into three medallions grilled and finished with a red wine sauce 
why not add one of our own sauces made fresh to your order, choice of peppercorn, garlic butter or stilton sauce £2.50 per serving. 
Kirkby House Porchetta £13.95 
Pan finished Slow roasted seasoned boneless belly pork filled with herb stuffing and thin slices of Mortadella (Italian heat cured pork from Bologna) 
Sugar Baked Ham (£10.95) 
Prime smoked gammon baked at Kirkby House in honey and demerara generously sliced with gourmet chips and farm fresh eggs 
Kirkby House Pies and Puddings 
Choose from Steak & Kidney Pudding, Steak and Ale or Chicken Ham and Leek Pie (£11.95) 
Steak and Kidney Pudding a Suet pudding with Chef’s velvety gravy and prime chunks of steak and kidney. 
Steak and Ale or Ham Leek and Chicken short crust pastry pies be warned these are large (filling) proper pies not just a pastry lid. 


Stilton Cheddar Slate 
A stilton and mature cheddar platter crackers dairy butter and Greek olives. 
Morello Cherry and Coconut Crumble 
Morello Cherries and a smooth syrup covered in a traditional Crumble with a hint of coconut. 
Homemade Treacle in a Cup 
Homemade treacle sponge in a cup served with homemade custard or a scoop of homemade ice-cream. 
New-York Cheesecake (GF) 
Classic Vanilla flavour cheesecake accompanied with a mango coulis 
Homemade Jam Roly-poly 
Fresh raspberry jam, and suet pastry served with Devon Custard 
A homemade Chocolate Sponge 
Homemade sponge in a cup served with Devon custard or a scoop of ice-cream. 
Try one our specially selected Wines ask one of the team for a wine list 
Should you have any special requirements our Chef will be happy to talk to you just ask a member of the team 

Valentines Night Menu 

Homemade soup 
Served with warm crusty bread and dairy Butter (Carrot and coriander) V 
Whole fresh water crayfish tails on a bed of leaves drizzled with Ocean sauce 
Stilton Mushroom 
A Large flat sauté field mushroom smothered in a creamy garlic and stilton sauce V 
Fanned chilled melon drizzled with mango coulis V 
Main courses 
Poulet Farci 
Chicken supreme stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and sun dried tomatoes, wrapped in Parma ham, oven roasted and served with sautéed 
potatoes, finished with a mascarpone sauce 
Roast Beef 
Prime 28 day mature Roast beef slow cooked till tender served with a hand raised Yorkshire and a red wine jus. 
Roasted Welsh leg of Lamb Boulangere 
Freshly roasted welsh lamb glazed in rosemary, on a bed of potatoes sliced seasoned and baked in the oven with onion thyme and stock juice. 
Salmon and Crayfish Mornay 
Scottish Salmon Steak with fresh water crayfish tails in Parsley sauce topped with Mature cheddar cheese and oven baked 
Carbonara Classico V 
Tagliatelle Verdi tossed in a sauce made with Fresh eggs whipped double cream and topped with mushrooms, peppers and spring onion sauté in white wine 
Chocolate & Orange Gateau 
Luxury Orange Sponge rich chocolate topping served with Chantilly Cream 
Kirkby House’s Own Lemon & Lime Rousse 
Zest of lemon and lime freshly squeezed juice combined into a sharp refreshing Rousse on an amaretti biscuit base. 
Morello cherry Crumble 
Morello cherry topped with coconut crumble & served with vanilla custard. 
A cup of Treacle Sponge 
Homemade treacle sponge served with vanilla custard. 
A selection of ice creams are also available 
Stilton and Cheddar slate (£2.50 supplement) 
Tuxford Stilton and Lockerbie Cheddar a selection of biscuits with ale and apple chutney 
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